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How to Choose Postpartum Underwear

Postpartum mother holding a young baby

New moms deserve every bit of comfort they can get. That’s why choosing the right postpartum underwear (also known as postpartum panties, mesh underwear or postpartum diapers) is so important. With the best protection to help you manage postpartum bleeding and recovery you can focus your attention on what matters—bonding with and caring for your new little one. More snuggles, please!

Why Do You Need Postpartum Underwear?

All women experience vaginal bleeding after delivery. It’s perfectly normal and is your body’s way of flushing out the tissue and blood from your uterus that was used to support your pregnancy.

Whether you had a vaginal delivery or a Cesarean-section (C-section), you can still expect postpartum bleeding, which can last up to six weeks after giving birth. The first couple of weeks are typically the heaviest (very similar to period blood flow), so make sure you have good absorbency protection like postpartum underwear to prevent ruining your favorite panties or getting unannounced leaks.

Considerations for Choosing Postpartum Underwear

There are a number of factors you’ll want to consider when choosing postpartum underwear, which include softness, breathability, absorbency, flexibility and support. Let's walk through each factor and why getting the best postpartum underwear is important for your postpartum recovery.


For the first few days after giving birth, a regular menstrual pad will not quite cut it. You’ll need to find full-coverage absorbency products like postpartum underwear to manage heavy postpartum bleeding, also known as lochia.

For those later stages of postpartum bleeding when the blood flow and discharge is lighter, a menstrual pad or incontinence pad may be enough.


Postpartum underwear should be gentle on your skin and sensitive parts as they heal after delivery. This is especially true if you’ve had a Caesarean section (C-section). To help with C-section recovery, it is critical that your underwear does not irritate the skin. Nothing is worse than chafing against a raw surgical site. Moms who gave birth via vaginal delivery will also appreciate some extra softness around their sore parts.


It’s important that your post pregnancy underwear is breathable. Keeping your vaginal area, stitches and incision sites dry will prevent infection and promote healing. Good news, Always Discreet postpartum underwear is designed with cotton to help with breathability and wick moisture from the body.

Flexibility and Stretchiness

Your body will change shape quickly after delivery. Postpartum panties that are flexible and conform to your shape will ensure that you are always getting the best, most comfortable fit.


Everything is kind of, well, moving around in there after delivery. Underwear with a moderate amount of support will make you feel more secure, allow you to move about easily and speed up healing.

About Always Discreet Postpartum Underwear

Always Discreet disposable postpartum underwear is a great option to help manage postpartum bleeding. Our postpartum underwear is made of cotton, so they won’t irritate any of your sensitive areas after giving birth, like surgical incisions or stitching. They are ultra-absorbent, with gel technology that locks away fluid and moisture to keep you dry and comfortable. This makes them ideal for heavy postpartum bleeding. Our postpartum underwear is also thin and flexible, with a stretch cotton waist that conforms to your form and keeps your belly supported and comfortable. You may even forget you have them on.

After putting in all that work to grow and support your baby for nine months, your body deserves some extra loving care as it gets back to its pre-pregnancy self. Wearing the right postpartum underwear is the first step.