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My First Experience Wearing Adult Incontinence Underwear

Woman in blue dress getting ready for a night out

Recently, I experienced a first. I wore adult incontinence underwear for the first time. And you know what? I liked them! Here’s my journey of choosing the best protection for my bladder leaks.

My Initial Perception of Wearing Incontinence Underwear or “Adult Diapers”

Should I start wearing incontinence pads or underwear? It wasn’t an easy decision—mainly because I was a little reluctant to admit that I was now that person, the one who wore adult diapers. In my mind, they were only for the elderly. Adult incontinence underwear for a woman like me? “No, thank you,” is what I thought.

But the truth was that I hadn’t been going about my normal life for quite some time due to my incontinence. I have multiple sclerosis, which means I have limited bladder control due to nerve damage, and when I have to go, it comes on all of a sudden and without warning. I learned from my doctor that this is called urge incontinence, or an overactive bladder. Imagine leaving the house when you risk voiding your bladder at any minute and on short notice. That’s what I was dealing with.

Making the Decision to Switch from Incontinence Pads to Underwear

Up until a week ago, if I really needed to go out, I would put an incontinence pad on, but it often leaked, which means I sometimes leaked onto my clothing or found little liquid stains on the chair when I got up. So, little by little, I started turning down social invitations, asking my husband to run most errands, and choosing to stay in more often. I was missing out on a lot of my life.

The other shoe dropped for me when my daughter invited me to my granddaughter’s birthday party at a roller rink. While I wasn’t sure I could get through the event without my bladder leaking, my granddaughter is growing up quickly and I just couldn’t keep missing out on important events like this one. I needed something with more absorbency.

I talked it over with my husband. He suggested I try a different kind of protection—adult incontinence underwear for women. I was reluctant. I assumed they would be uncomfortable and so bulky that everyone would know I was wearing them.

How Always Discreet Underwear Saved My Social Life

Thankfully, I found Always Discreet underwear on the shelf at my drugstore and I was impressed. Not only were they comfortable, but they were not at all like the big, bulky adult diapers I had pictured in my head. They were thin, feminine adult incontinence underwear for women like me.

Secretly armed with my Always Discreet adult incontinence underwear on under my clothes, I went to that birthday party and had a blast! We took lots of pictures, laughed, and, boy, did I sing my heart out when that cake was brought out!

Now I wear them every day. As a result, I have started going out much more. Being there for my granddaughter on her birthday was the start of it. My husband and I have gone to the movies, I’ve met some old friends for coffee, and soon I will be taking a road trip to visit my sister. It feels great to have my life back. Incontinence underwear by Always Discreet has made my incontinence manageable without sacrificing comfort, discretion or my dignity. Now my incontinence is just another detail of my life, but it doesn’t control me. Sure, pee happens. But now I’m prepared!